Developing Futures Inc. is a Canadian consulting firm specializing in the triple-play of Leadership, Culture and Results. We see the power of leadership to create culture and the power of culture to create results.

All organizations have leaders with their own styles. All organizations have a culture driven from the impacts of those leadership approaches. And all organizations produce results that are directly tied to the health of the culture that the leaders inspire.

We work with organizations to ensure that their leadership, culture and results create a place where people will contribute, create and thrive.

What We Believe


Great leaders focus on what matters most.
They set evocative visions and inspire people to
want to be their best.
Great leaders know that what they do and how they behave sets the tone for the whole company.
Leadership Matters.


Culture is the consistent beliefs and behaviors of a
group of people.
Your company's culture is a direct consequence of how its leaders show up.
Shifting culture requires a shift in leadership.
Culture matters.


Results may be measured by the bottom line but they
aren't improved by a bottom line focus.
Clear communication, expectations, and accountability are
at the core of generating superior results.
Shifting results requires a shift in culture and leadership. Results matter.

What We Offer

Leadership Made Human

The Leadership Forge
Blind Spot Coaching
Leadership Circle Profile
Inner Game Exploration
The Chew On This Program

Culture Made Conscious

Conversations That Matter
Cuture Compass
Team Coaching
Values Made Real
Cuture Surveys

Results Made Real

Breakthrough Execution
The Game Method
Play To Win Series
Business Outcome

Who are we?

Bob Tomes

Bob is a Founder of Developing Futures Inc. and has been an integral part of executive teams providing guidance and leadership in both the public and private sectors for over 30 years. A multi-faceted C-Suite financial executive, Bob loves to partner with leaders to work true to their values and build results consistent with their game plan. And, being a seasoned athlete, Bob sees how growing a business is like winning in sports – with practice, teamwork, discipline, integrity and a lot of passion for the game, competent teams achieve big wins.

Jane Warren

Jane is a Founder of Developing Futures Inc. and an experienced corporate manager, entrepreneur, mediator and workshop facilitator. She has a deep interest in, and compassion for, people in transition, including those moving through roles and ranks in an organization. Jane delights in bringing insight and humor to the process of deepening people's understandings of themselves and each other, loosening the grip of fear and making the world (of work and beyond) a better place to be!

Kate Rouze

Kate is an Executive Coach and an experienced corporate manager, entrepreneur and group facilitator. Her passion and expertise is focussed on individual and team development of emotional intelligence and mind-body awareness, and on helping people shift their day-to-day actions to align with what they most want to create. Kate sees her clients as equals and listens deeply, creating a collaborative, insightful and playful approach to personal growth and team cohesiveness.

In association with
Culture Counts LLC

Whitney Walpole

Whitney Walpole is the Founder of Culture Counts. She has been a trusted partner and leadership coach to hundreds of business owners and executive teams over the past 18 years. Her presence and authenticity, as well as her passion for building great teams and businesses, evokes a quality of engagement and vulnerability with clients that is rare.

Sarah White Carr

Sarah White Carr is an Executive Coach and Consultant with Culture Counts. Her unique power to coach leaders and teams comes from her ability to simplify concepts and demystify communication and leadership jargon. She is vulnerable, revealed, compassionate and direct. She dives deep, and ultimately leaves her clients with simple tools to transform their most difficult issues.

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