conversations that matter:
communicating in an uncertain world

Communication is at the heart of our effectiveness as leaders. It can be a super highway to increased productivity, efficiency, collaboration, creativity, trust, solid relationships and better business results.

The Conversations That Matter Program is an essential development course for leaders and their teams to learn how to simply and effectively communicate with one another, especially under stress and in difficult situations.

Our Conversations That Matter Program includes training, discussion, exploration and practice in the steps and flow of our communication approach:

  1. Sorting Yourself: preparing to communicate in a responsible and healthy way
  2. Opening a Conversation: focusing on what you want and inviting openness, trust and participation
  3. Expressing Your World: sharing what is true for you with authenticity (and without being “right”)
  4. Getting Their World: creating space for and honouring the other person’s perspective
  5. Creating What’s Next: exploring new ways to creatively solve the challenge or engage an opportunity
  6. Establishing Clear Agreements: as a bedrock for trust, accountability and integrity
  7. Completing the Conversation: to appreciation, honour and consciously close the conversation


We provide a very simple and highly interactive development experience that goes beyond traditional training programs. Traditional training programs (whether in-person or online) provide new cognitive awareness (information, knowledge, intellectual understanding, etc.) for participants, but these programs lack the real life practice, feedback for improvement and integration time so new skills can become part of each person’s everyday life.

This is why we designed the Conversations That Matter Program with a combination of an in-person Launch Session with a series of online, small group coaching calls and spread the learning experience over a 4-6 month period.

Participants share their experience of the Conversations That Matter Program as practical and powerful. They report significant breakthroughs and openings in areas where they have been chronically challenged (projects, initiatives, and relationships). They also report a significant decrease in their stress related to communication. Consistently and with delight, participants share that they experience an increase in their ability to powerfully connect with others and resolve their issues more efficiently.


The initial in-person training is a 4 hour group experience designed to introduce participants to the entire context, structure and purpose of a breakthrough conversation. Participants learn, explore and begin to practice selected elements from those listed here:
    ~   The 6 Parts & Purposes of a Conversation That Matters
    ~   The Drama Triangle
    ~   Facts & Stories
    ~   Curious Listening
    ~   Possibility Brainstorms
    ~   Clear Agreements
    ~   Appreciation
    ~   Completion


Following the Launch Session, participants are put into PODs – small groups of approximately 8 people – to practice and learn over a 4 to 6 month time period.
The calls are facilitated by Conversations That Matter Program leaders and are highly interactive.
Participants come to each call and report how they’ve practiced their new skills describing the wins, losses and lessons they’re learning in the process. The facilitator gives feedback and coaching, and participants discover their learning is accelerated because of the group interaction. Participants also learn to give and receive feedback as at they share with each other.
The basic skills of Conversations That Matter are deepened on each call as the participants practice live with one another in a safe and supportive environment. The facilitator models the skills throughout the calls, and the real life examples participants share become the curriculum.
This holistic approach turbo charges the long term and sustainable impact of the training.


Please contact us using the form below or call Bob Tomes (403) 702 4550 and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss how Conversations That Matter can best be used to further your company culture and results.

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