Chew On This Program

Ready to dip your toe into the next level of leader development?
Heard all the talk about vulnerability, authenticity, purpose and self-awareness but don’t really know how to cultivate any of that?
In you or in others?
Willing to explore?
The Chew On This Program is a Series of Leadership Enrichment Experiences.
As leaders in our organizations, our teams, our communities and our lives, we need to develop our inner game – the part of ourselves that (consciously or not) guides our behaviours and our beliefs and ultimately our results.
Through all our development programs at Developing Futures, this is our goal: to create real, human leaders who understand their impact on organizational culture, and who are willing to achieve superior results by increasing their inner game focus and skill.
Because it’s the Inner Game that runs the Outer Game.

The Chew On This series is a group of four to six workshops (90 minutes in length) that introduce you and your organization to some of the essential concepts, practices and tools that support the process of bringing human leadership into the workplace. Each workshop is highly experiential, thought provoking and presented with both humour and intensity.

We work with you to tailor the subjects covered to best suit your organization and generally choose from these areas:

  1. The Leader Wheel: Introducing the Inner and Outer Game of Leadership
  2. The Vast and Endless Sea: The Power of Powerful Vision
  3. Thriving Conversations: From Conflict to Collaboration
  4. Clear Agreements: Making, Breaking, Keeping and Renegotiating
  5. Facts and Stories: Distinctions and Connections
  6. Beyond Thank You: The Power of Giving and Receiving Appreciation
  7. Facing Fear: And Those Other Perplexing Emotions
  8. Creativity: A Business Imperative
  9. Taking 100% Responsibility: What It Does (and Doesn’t) Mean
  10. Curious Listening: The Communication Super Skill
  11. Curiousity: The Leadership Master Capacity
  12. Success Saboteurs: The Many Strategies We Use To Get In Our Own Way


Anyone in your organization will benefit from these skills and insights, and we particularly focus on those in leadership roles at any level. If you are responsible for people, departments, projects or the well being of the entire company, you are our prime audience.


As an attendees you will walk away from each session with:

     ~    A greater understand of your own inner game
     ~    A widened view of the perspectives, motivations and beliefs of others
     ~    Concepts to ponder (“chew on” even) as you relate these new ideas back to your day to day activities
     ~    At least one concrete tool you can apply to your lives right away.


Sessions are held in person at your location in whatever timeframe works best for you. Generally companies choose early morning sessions or meetings over the lunch period.
You bring the venue, the audience and the curiosity.
We bring the content, the handouts and the energy.


As this is an introductory program and we welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your organization, this program is priced for ease of access and experimentation.
4 sessions – $2,000 (+gst)
6 sessions – $2,500 (+gst)
On completion of the program, we would welcome the opportunity to explore any further leader development possibilities that may (or may not!) exist within your organization. There is no pressure to do more – and we want to be open and honest about our desires.

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