the leadership forge:
leading in the face of uncertainty

The Leadership Forge is for high potential managers and leaders ready to tap their potential to create better relationships and better results. Participants consistently report they feel more confident, creative and successful as a result of learning to embrace their unique gifts and strengths, shift out of drama and into responsibility and effectively engage others to build results that matter most.

The Leadership Forge is a joint venture between Developing Futures and our US Affiliate, Culture Counts (where it is known as Breakthrough Leadership).

Specifically in this program, participants increase their capacity to:

  1. Take responsibility for their experience and impact
  2. Build strong relationships
  3. Think strategically
  4. Hold themselves and others to account
  5. Cultivate alignment and buy in
  6. Increase team work
  7. Communicate directly and authentically
  8. Influence important organizational change


Unlike many learning experiences which focus on absorbing knowledge and expert advice, this program challenges participants to engage fully. They share real hopes and fears, practice new skills in front of peers, get immediate feedback and coaching from program leaders, make courageous agreements to take 100% responsibility and are asked to show up more and more authentically.

The program will reveal opportunities for growth the participants hadn’t imagined possible. Each participant will start The Leadership Forge with specific leadership and business goals in mind. Throughout the program, they apply the skills they learn to their goals so they better integrate their learning into day to day life.


In order to participate in the program, we ask that interested leaders reach out for an initial discovery call by calling Bob Tomes(403 702 4550) or filling out the contact form below.


Designed for maximum focus, personal attention and accelerated group learning, The Leadership Forge includes up to 12 leaders from different organizations around the country.

6 full day sessions in person in Calgary
4-5 weeks apart

5 coaching calls via Zoom
Mid way between each full day session

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